Established to Spread Good Vibes

Lifestyles of Wanderlust and Adventure. Authentic and Active Living. Get Out and Explore.

 At Vibe Tribe, we aim to inspire creativity, positivity and to connect to people. Our intention is to promote authentic and active living through shared stories of travel, adventure, and pursuing passions. We strive to provide comfy, ethically produced and environmentally friendly pieces. We focus on sourcing for the softest fabrics available to recreate that broken-in softness inspired by a vintage tee making our tees yummy to wander in, lounge in, and get active in. Eco-friendly. Vintage soft. Thru each and every sale, Vibe Tribe seeks to support projects designed to promote social awareness and kind action. Contact us at for project partnership opportunities. 


Spread the Vibe  Vibe Tribe is a global community of Wanderlusters, Adventurers and Dreamers. One of the ways we began to live our mission was thru our travels, dropping in on spots all around the world and spreading good vibes. That mission continues thru our amazing community sharing their own adventures, active lifestyles and positive intentions. Join the Vibe Tribe community on Instagram @VibeTribeChronicles and tag #spreadthevibe. We love sharing pictures of our community! We hope our Instagram pixels and blog series inspire you to connect more to your passion, to do more of that - whatever that may be, and to live your truth. Welcome to the Vibe Tribe.  

Sourcing   We are committed to working primarily with suppliers who are socially and environmentally mindful and are in line with the Fair Labor Association (FLA) Workplace of Conduct and WRAP Certification production. Our focus to track down high quality sustainable fabrics includes organic cotton and fair-trade pieces.

Inking  We use environmentally friendly water-based inks which means no petro-chemicals go into the fabrics. No plastic, no PVC, no phthalates, no PCB’s. Water-based inks have the added advantage of being breathable. They penetrate into fiber to become part of the fabric. Water-based inks are soft to the hand. Soft Fabric. Soft ink. Soft goods

Reducing & Reusing  We recycle all our print screens. Our production processes are designed to reduce waste while developing the best practices for dealing with the waste that is produced. 

Producing  We are committed to promoting sustainability through quality. The most effective way to reduce waste is to use well-made equipment and supplies. From the tools we use in our production space to your final handscreened piece, we choose materials that will last for years to come.

Need help?  We got you! Email us at info@vibetribeshop for Ninja-Fast Customer Service!

All Vibe Tribe goods are hand silkscreen printed and made to order. Please allow for slight variation in design layout. Items ship out within 3-5 days of placed order. 

Meet the Founders  Lisette Torano along with her daughter Vanessa created Vibe Tribe Shop. Vanessa is an artist and college student working towards her dreams and a career in Marketing. Lisette is an HR Manager by trade and an avid traveler and day dreamer at heart. Over the past 20 years, Lisette has worked in various industries as a HR Manager, Consultant and Trainer. Her true passion however lies in wandering, exploring, and adventuring. Vibe Tribe was established from Lisette and Vanessa's idea to design a creative outlet together thru which they could give back a little good to the world and it has evolved into a community of like-spirited Wanderlusters, Adventurers and Dreamers sharing their stories of inspiration and pursing their day dreams. Oh, and Lisette recently married Dave and luckily, Dave likes to wander too.